Friday, November 19, 2010

Lil' Boy Crayon Caddy...

I've been wanting to make a different version of a child's crayon carrier for some time now. You might remember that last March I made the version below from a tutorial I saw at Noodlehead...
I wanted this new version to be a little more elaborate for the budding artists in our family. When I first started noticing crayon cosies, they were the rolled up version where one took a length of fabric and made individual pockets for crayons. To carry the crayons one would roll the length of fabric up starting at one end until it met the other end where one would tie a length of ribbon around the roll to secure it. This version was adorable, but I could never wrap my head around the tie at the end that would need to be secured by an adult. That's probably why I always had my two year old in sneakers that had Velcro instead laces! I like to encourage self-sufficiency in my little ones. So, I wanted to make a crayon carrier that a child could close. I also wanted the case to hold paper and maybe a few stickers. This is the version I chose to make...
I created a pattern that is 7  x 10 inches (when closed) with 10 inch straps.
It opens up to be 10 x 14 inches with three pocket areas...
The pockets hold 10 crayons, some paper (an 8.5 x 11 inch paper cut in half) and a package of stickers.
Perfect for the little guy on the go.
 I love the Velcro closure on this carrier.
It makes it so easy for even the littlest artist to take care of his "tools"!
These dinosaur fabrics are a favorite of mine.The manufacturer is Timeless Fabrics, and the fabric is from their "Stone Age" collection. I love the bright, whimsical prints in this line.
 I hope to make a short tutorial of this crayon carrier (for a Lil' Girl)
within the next couple of days and post it next week.

It will be just in time for you to whip some up for Christmas presents!