Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Rosette Garden Pillow

Yesterday I tried my hand at a new fabric flower pattern. I love the shabby chic look of these muslin rosettes. I made them to use on a pillow design that I had formulating in my mind.

This morning I whipped up the pillow, but I'm unsettled. I think sometimes less is more and this pillow, I think, is a good example of that. It might be a little too "busy." Too many flowers -- to many gathers -- just too much.

On the other hand, sometimes when I've worked on on a project for awhile I become uber critical of it. I usually have to set it aside for a day or two then go back to it to fully appreciate it. You can tell I'm a little conflicted, but I think I'll warm up to it in a day or two. Time will tell. This will be one of three pillows that I'll probably use on a landing in my entry way.

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