Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Odd Obsession

Yesterday morning I planned a quick stop at our local flea market. I had two items on my shopping list. I wanted to purchase some antique milk bottles to put in a PB drink caddy that I bought a week ago, and I wanted to keep an eye out for some aged handmade lace that I could add to some muslin pillows. I scored on both counts. I'll post about those later, but as I was perusing the aisles my eyes lit on these...

Seventeen spheres of milky white fibrous string...

Sweet mother of pearl, this is creamy goodness at its best...

You may remember that I recently redecorated my entryway with a tone on tone creamy-white color scheme. I knew these pallid balls of fiber would fit perfectly in that area. I quickly checked the price. (Yippity-do-da-day!)

I've never admitted this openly, but I just might have a slight obsession with string and yarn-like fibers. I find them beautiful! I'm not sure what that says about me. If there's a psychologist out there, please don't analyze me. I'd rather be oblivious to my oddities.

I just love the texture and color of string and yarn. I find them beautiful in a rustic, earthy kind of way. Ivory colored fibers are my very favorite. They remind me of fisherman cable knits.

Pair these fibrous spheres in various of shades of color and density with a huge glass vase and a thick satin ribbon and you have a blond bombshell! I'm giddy. Absolutely. Giddy.

I love it when I go shopping for a certain something, and I come back with an item I never anticipated buying. So much fun!

Mmmm. 'Twas a good day at the local flea market.

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