Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Looking forward...

A couple of days ago I ordered some fabric from one of my favorite online fabric stores. This particular store has free shipping on orders over $35. That's a great perk, and I take advantage of it now and then. The other day I was in the mood to browse, so I took a look-see and ended up purchasing some fabulous fabrics. I'm looking forward to whipping up a few new Hang Ups. Here's a sampling of the fabric I bought.

These two selections are from the collection called "Flourish" and are designed by Alisha Place Frost for Studio e Fabrics. "Flourish Floral Tiles" (top) is a repeating floral tile design in orange, lime, charcoal, light blue and taupe on a turquoise background. "Flourish Interlocking Bangles" (bottom) features an allover design of interlocking brown circles on a turquoise background. I can't wait to make them into a bag. If you go here, Studie e has made available a free tote pattern that you can download and use to make an adorable tote with this fabric line!

I also took advantage of some Amy Butler genius and bought some fabrics from her Lotus Collection. You might know by now how much I love morning glories and her rendition on fabric is no exception. I also love her creation "Full Moon Polka Dot" in cherry. I hope they compliment each other in color. That's the only complaint I have with Amy Butler's fabrics. One never knows, when they order online, if the fabric colors will compliment one another. It's much easier to buy her fabrics in person, so you can see the colors next to each other... Wish me luck!

And finally, a little more Amy Butler -- from her "Lotus" and "Midwest Modern II" lines -- with a little Sandi Henderson (top left) from her "Ginger Blossom" line. Can't wait to mix these up and design a few totes from these beautiful fabrics...

Next week I'm going to take my sewing machine out of retirement and dust her off a bit. She had a prolonged vacation during the holidays. Today we have four grandchildren and two daughters arriving for a visit. Fabric comes in a distant second when there is family around! Have a great week!