Thursday, January 21, 2010


First things first. Please take the survey on my sidebar to help me decide what color fabric I should use for my Give-Away this month!

Inspiration is an interesting thing. I seem to find it in the oddest places. Take, for example, this eggplant. Surely, there isn't a more striking color combination that can be found anywhere...

...deep, pitch-dark purple with bright lime green. Incredible. And look at the soft, curved lines of that girl. Absolutely luscious. What's more, check out the beautiful eggplant flower below. It kind of reminds me of a clematis in shape and color. Stunning.

You might be wondering why I'm taking eggplants. Yes, well I'm getting to that. I'll bring it all together right here and now. Although I have no way of knowing, I can just imagine the fabric below was inspired by the color and curves of an eggplant - complete with a blossoming flower. Man has a wonderful way of trying to imitate God's masterpieces, and in this case I think this designer takes a close second. This fabric has captured the gorgeous purpley color and soft, shapely curves of an eggplant. I'm in love with it.

When you combine this scrollwork fabric with the complimentary fabric below from the same line, you get that punch of lime green that is so stunning with a deep purple. These fabrics are from the line called Piccadilly, by Pamela Mostek, for Clothworks. You'll be seeing more from this line in the weeks to come. I'm in love with it! Truly inspiring designs and colors.

Which brings me to my little creation. Goodness me with inspiring fabric like this, how could I go wrong?