Friday, August 07, 2009

Thankful Thursday...

What surprised me this week?
Long before I jumped on the Thankful Thursday bandwagon, I wondered whether it was something to which I wanted to dedicate myself. I had always enjoyed reading the Thankful Thursday posts from friends and relatives who participated in this weekly journal. Their posts were often poignant and sweet, and I appreciated their willingness to share their personal experiences and feelings in a public forum. Still, I wondered if taking part in this weekly gratitude journal was something I wanted to take on, as I knew it would take more time and energy than my other quick posts.

What surprised me this week, was the realization of how much I look forward to writing this post each week. It's not that it has become easier or less time-consuming for me to write. It hasn't. I usually deliberate over what to write about for hours, but that quiet time spent pondering has been a blessing in itself. Examining my life and searching for the blessings evident in it, has made me more aware of all the ways -- both big and small -- we are blessed. It cheers one to spend even a small portion of one's week focusing on these positive thoughts!

What moved me this week?
Our seventh little grandchild, Charlie, was born on Monday, weighing in at 7 lbs. 8 oz.! Much too adorable for words. Moved to tears with gratitude. I'm so grateful for this little one and so thankful that his momma and he are doing well.

What inspired me this week?
I was sitting in Sunday School this week when I had a bit of an epiphany. Many of you have probably experienced this realization, but this subject became more clear to me at that time. The lesson was about overcoming life's trials, tribulations and heartaches. The thought was thrown out that God won’t let us be tempted or tried more than we can handle. I've heard that statement before, and it has always puzzled me. It certainly seems to me that some burdens are simply overwhelming and unbearable. There are certain circumstances where anyone if left on her own, no matter how strong or tenacious she might be, would buckled under the pressure of such grief and suffering. I've known people that have gone through this type of serious heartache and adversity. Without exception those who turned to God, allowed him into their lives, and learned to lean on him seemed to endure their trials with more ease. Not because of their own strength or fortitude or willpower, but because of God's strength, fortitude and willpower. I realized in that moment, that the reason God won't let us be tried more than we can bear, is because He can bear it all. If we allow him to lift our burdens, then we can truly endure anything. It was an inspiring realization.
  • Update: I wrote the above post on Monday night, a few days early, because I knew I would be going out of town on Tuesday morning to help my daughter and her family with their new baby. Tuesday morning my youngest daughter, the bride, and I were driving to eastern Nebraska on our way to the new baby's family, when we received a call from my son-in-law. During the night the baby had developed a potentially serious complication. Charlie had spit up bile and his stomach was distended. This occurrence almost always signifies some type of intestinal abnormality or problem that requires surgery. Charlie was transferred to the NICU unit, and Neonatal specialists were called in. Many tests were performed. After all the results of the tests had been gathered, the pediatrician looked my daughter in the eye and called the end result a "miracle." The baby was deemed perfectly healthy. The doctor said there was no scientific explanation for what had occurred. I am so grateful for miracles. I also believe in "tender mercies" from a loving Heavenly Father. I don't believe it was coincidence that I was given the insights in the previous paragraph so shortly before we faced our own trial. I'm grateful for His support and love during the trying times in our lives. I'm also grateful for miracles -- especially this new little miracle in our life.