Friday, July 11, 2008

SOLD - "Olive It!", $45

Raise your hand if you understood the play on words for the name of this tote. Hint: If you say "Olive It" just the right way, it sounds like you're saying, "I love it!" ... which I do. I know we all have our own preferences with color, design and fabric, but if I have a bias toward any particular fabric, it would have to be the Moda lines. The two fabrics in this Hang-Up are both made by Moda -- I think they are luscious! Not only does Moda produce fabric with beautiful colors and designs, but the quality of their fabric is wonderful. I love these subdued colors of olive and pink. They are heavenly together, as far as I am concerned! These fabrics are not from the same "line" of Moda fabric -- in other words they weren't necessarily meant to go together, but when I brought the top fabric home and noticed the bottom fabric already on my shelf, I knew it was a match made in (my idea of) heaven! This tote has all the usual "equipment." Please check the sidebar to see how my totes are constructed. Feel free to email me if you are interested in "Olive It!" and please feel free to post a comment any time. Shipping to the U.S. & Canada are included in the price of this tote.