Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday

In our backyard, off a large patio we have a tiered rock garden. In the middle of this flower garden resides a large locust tree. It's canopy has grown considerably over the years and now shades this entire area, so the flowers that we plant here have to be shade-lovers.

I've planted many different annuals in the first tier over the years, but the plants that have always given me the biggest punch of color are impatiens. This first tier is in the shape of a quarter-circle, so I plant the annuals in a circular motion as in the first photo below (bottom right).

This year I planted 226 (I counted!) impatiens, lobelia, alyssum, and torenias in this first area. I plant them close together, because I love the way they fill in to make beautiful, sweeping rows!

The torenia don't spread as well as the annuals above, but their cute little bloom is appealing in its own right!

The second tier of this garden is a rock garden with many perennials. This area is strikingly colorful in the Spring when all the perennials are in full bloom, but I have several perennials that bloom all summer long ... like coral bells, hostas, pansies, and lavender ... so it remains colorful through the Summer. I also plant a few annuals, like New Guinea Impatiens and coleus, in the area to give it more color in the Summer.

The third tier is a row of bright yellow lilies...

One last bloom... A couple of years ago when one of my little granddaughter was visiting, this garden was in full bloom. I placed her on one of the small stepping stones and took a snapshot. She wasn't too sure of the cold stone beneath her, but she put up with her grandma anyway. These blooms never looked so good as when this little blossom of ours was right in the middle!

I hope you've enjoyed this photo-tour of our shaded, little rock garden...

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