Thursday, July 10, 2008

Cannot Believe It !

Sometimes I cannot believe my good fortune... or maybe it should be considered your good fortune. So far in the last few days, 20 of you have voted on what color(s) the August tote should be. It looks like it's a neck and neck tie with most of you wanting either a black and white hang up or a hang up with a mix of several bright colors. Today I received a fabric shipment that I ordered last week -- long before I had any inkling of the results of the poll. Here are three of the fabrics that I ordered. Take a look at those first two -- would they be considered "black and white" with a "mix of several bright colors." I just might be able to make both camps happy with August's Tote Give-Away!

Now, I know that the poll has not ended and, who knows, there may be a influx of ladies who would wish for a yellow or pink or green tote, so things might change. I'm quite confident that whatever color wins the poll that I have enough fabric in my stash to complete a Hang Up that will make the majority of you happy!