Thursday, February 15, 2018

Scrap Quilt...

After an unsettling and hectic January {my mother-in-law and father-in-law passed away within two weeks of one another} things are settling back to the new normal. At times like these I treasure quiet, boring moments. On Tuesday I got back the quilts I'd made a month ago from the longarm quilter, and last night I finished binding one as I watched the Olympics.

This is the first of a few truly scrap quilts I've made since the new year. This year I had a goal of using my fabric stash for quilts. That resolution didn't last long. My first mistake was browsing through a fabric store on the internet. Still, I am going to try to make more quilts out of my stash, and this little baby girl quilt is proof I can do it!

I love having quilts long-arm quilted. I take a somewhat cute patched quilt to Donna {my long-arm quilter}, and she gives it back to me looking like a million bucks!

I chose a sweet flower quilting pattern that reflected all the flowers in the fabrics. 

I designed this quilt using half square triangles to produce a diamond shape. I cut plain white and patterned fabric in 6" squares. Using this technique to make half square triangle blocks, I used one white square and one patterned square to make two quilt blocks. Then I trimmed down all those blocks to 5".  I had eight blocks going across and nine down. The boarder was 4.5" wide {before sewing} and the binding was 2.5" wide {before sewing}. The finished size of this baby quilt is about 42" x 46". It's heading off later this week to its destination!