Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Border for little boy quilt...

Yesterday I asked a question on my blog and on my Just Another Hang Up Facebook page. I pieced a little boy quilt yesterday and needed advice as to what color binding I should use on the quilt, which looks like this...

Black was the most popular comment, but gray, white, and taupe/tan were also suggested. When I asked that question, I had no idea what color to use for the border. I had considered all of the colors that were mentioned, and I thought any of them could have worked with the "right" fabric. Unfortunately, I was considering fabric from my stash and (later) a fabric store, and I couldn't find that "right" fabric in those colors to compliment the quilt from those two sources -- both of which have an extensive supply available! If you look at the photo above at the colors around the edge of the quilt, they are mustard and mostly black. There wasn't enough contrast in the binding if I used black fabric for the border, so I moved on to other colors. Then I latched on to this combination, and I knew I had a winner!

I love the barely off-white with gray flecks fabric, and the mustard check fabric made the little boy quilt more playful than the other more subdued colors I'd been considering.

I've never tried a double border like this, but I learned that it can be really useful when pairing fabrics. The mustard check fabric didn't look nearly as good right next to the mustard squirrel fabric. It needed a little space between the two to make them both shine. With this technique a black border would have worked too, with the same white with gray fleck fabric between the quilt and border, but I like the more playful mustard color.

I love how this turned out and I can't wait to get it quilted. I think I'll go with an outdoorsy theme, like animal tracks for the quilting design!

Thank you for your input yesterday. I appreciated it!