Sunday, May 14, 2017

Jared's Quilt...

When I first embarked on this quest to make a lap quilt for each of our children and grandchildren for Christmas 2017, I asked them each to tell me their favorite color/s and an interest. I received word that Jared liked the colors blue, black and red and that his interests were Legos and Star Wars. Hmmm. I usually try to pick a color or an interest and design around one of them. It's really rare when I can find the color and interest in one fabric or coordinating fabrics.

For Jared, I chose to concentrate on the colors red and black. I also added a lot of gray to soften the starkness of those two colors. It became a true crazy quilt with lots of different fabrics, and I love how it turned out!

I used some of the Kaufman Burley Beaver collection that I'd purchased with a lot of other fabrics in addition.

Again I used a swirly design for the quilting. I think the circular design mitigates the stark geometric design of the quilt.

For the back I chose an arrow fabric and added some scraps from fabrics I used on the front of the quilt...

(The vertical stripes you see on the quilt is just the sunlight shining through the fence pickets.)

Hopefully this nine-year-old will like this quilt made just for him!