Thursday, May 12, 2016

Shabby Chic Baby Tutu...

This is my favorite baby tutu that I've made for a variety of reasons. In my book, there is nothing sweeter than a shabby chic style on a little girl. Love the lace, the creamy colors, and the charm. This tutu took a little more planning and execution than the leopard tutu and chevron tutu that I blogged about previously.

For this tutu I bought a 100% cotton onesie and dyed it an off-white color in a tea bath. {You can google "dyeing fabric with tea" and find thousands of tutorials.} I wanted a vintage feel for this little outfit, and the dyed onesie instantly provided that look. It was interesting that the onesie took on a rosy hue next to the pink lace.

When that was completed I sewed a lace owl {found at Hobby Lobby} onto the front of the onesie.

Then I got to work making the tutu. For this tutu I used soft laces of different sizes and color and ribbon instead of tulle. 

I attached the lace and ribbon the same way as I attached the tulle on the other tutus. What makes this outfit especially wonderful is some of the lace I used. My mother used to make jointed teddy bears. Her creations were beautiful.

Several years ago as we were moving her to another home, we found some lengths of lace that she hadn't yet used, and I became the recipient of those treasures.  Some of the laces {the pinkish one and a cream colored one} are used on this tutu.

It's makes me feel good that a great grandchild will be wearing some beautiful vintage lace that my mother bought and used on her teddy bears. Sweet.