Monday, May 02, 2016

Baby Tutus -- the easy way!

I get a lot of my ideas standing in the check-out line with other crafty/sewers at Hobby Lobby. The longer and slower the line, the more ideas I get. The other day I stood next to another grandma who was making a tutu for her grandbaby. My antenna perked up because we are expected a little granddaughter the end of June. She explained what she was doing, and since then I found a blogpost and a YouTube video that demonstrated how to make these simple, no-sew tutus for infants or toddlers!

Last week I ran off to Hobby Lobby and picked up everything I needed to make these...

Today I'm going to be putting these together. Should take me about 10 minutes. I can't wait! I've been told you can also use ribbons or lace in place of the tulle. I'm looking forward to making a shabby chic version too!

No need for a tutorial here, just follow the links I provided above!