Thursday, July 28, 2011

August Plaque Attack is here . . .

I can't believe the Plaque Attack Club is almost a year old. Last September I started the club and with the completion of August's plaque every month of the year is symbolized in a plaque! In September we will continue on with the Plaque Attack Club with a different format. We'll use the same plaques but the wording will reflect important things or events in our lives! Should be fun and I'm looking forward to it. As I plan the plaques, it will be a little more interactive as I will ask for your advice and help in coming up with the wording and subject matter! All in good time...

Lemonade, county fairs, and fresh fruit represent the last days of summer and the month of August to me!

Without further ado, let me introduce the
August Plaque Attack...

In order to receive the August Plaque Attack PDF,
please follow the instructions below...

For those new to the "Plaque Attack Club," last September I introduced a new monthly feature on my blog and christened it "Plaque Attack." The best way to describe "Plaque Attack" is that it is a free plaque-of-the-month club. Each month, a few days before a new month begins, I will make a post featuring a new plaque. The plaque wording reflects holidays or activities unique to the coming month. If you are new to the "Plaque Attack Club" know that you'll need to check back every month to receive each new document. 

For a list of supplies and a tutorial on how to make these plaques, go here. I am offering August's Plaque Attack in a downloadable PDF document via Google Docs. As always it is free of charge. If possible, before you download the doc would you consider becoming a follower and be so kind as to leave a comment below?  

Important: The PDF Google Doc version is 1/8" smaller than the emailed Word version. After downloading the PDF, print it off on plain paper to determine the size. If you'd like it a little bigger, then request the Word document through email. 

Once you are viewing the document in Goggle Docs, you can click "File" to the left of the document for download options. Select "Download original" to download the file to your desktop or select "Print PDF" to print the file immediately.

If for any reason you would rather email me to request your Plaque Attack, feel free to do so. My email address is located on my sidebar. Just add "August Plaque Attack" in the subject line of your email and please remember to leave a comment below.

By downloading this copyrighted document you agree not to sell the document or sell any items that use this document. It is for personal use only. You may make as many copies for yourself or to use as gifts as you would like. If you post about your plaque on your blog, please link back to this blog post for your readers to receive the document. Thank you!

Click here to download
the August Plaque Attack document! 
If you are a newcomer to the Plaque Attack Club and would like the previous plaque documents, just email me with your request! My email address is on my sidebar. In the email make sure you mention which months you are requesting!