Monday, January 03, 2011

Baby Burpies {the easy way}

I was perusing down my lists of blogs the other day when I hopped, skipped and jumped to a tutorial at "See Kate Sew." The post explained how Kate took an ordinary cloth diaper and made it into a not-so-ordinary baby burpie. I loved her uncomplicated approach to making a cute burp cloth for a little one!

Later this week I'm catching a plane to my new little granddaughter's house. As much as I loved the burpies I made in November, I knew the burpies at "See Kate Sew" were a cute, practical alternative to the more fancy-smancy ones I made previously, so I decided to make a few of the simpler version. Can a baby have too many burpies? I think not. I added a little ric rac to mine, but otherwise used her tutorial. Check out Kate's tutorial at "See Kate Sew" for general directions and a look at her adorable versions!

Supplies needed:
1 Pre-folded cloth diaper
1 piece of contrasting fabric about 6" x 20" **
Ric Rac (optional)
(**Make sure the length of your contrasting fabric is 2" longer 
than the length of the pre-folded diaper.)

I added ric rac to the burpies I made, so here are a few more tips if you'd like that addition. Press under 1/2" on the long sides of the contrasting fabric...

Then open up where you pressed the fold in your fabric and place your ric rac (I used "jumbo" ric rac) so the folded crease sits to the left of the dip in your ric rac...

Here's another picture illustrating where to place the ric rac. The solid black line shows where the pressed fold in the fabric is situated. (Remember the folded hem is opened up and laying flat at this time.) Note the dip in the ric rac is just to the right of the fold. The dotted line shows where to sew...

The old adage "you learn something new every day" is definitely true in the blogging world. The other day I found a tutorial at "TaDa! Creations" on how to apply ric-rac to a hem of a shirt. It came into my life just in time for this project! Go here for the tutorial!

When you have sewn the ric rac to the seam, repress the fabric along the fold once again. Your contrasting fabric will look like this on the right side of the fabric, and...

and it will look like this on the underside of the fabric.

Center and pin your contrasting fabric strip in the middle of the diaper. You'll have an overhang of about 1" on each end of the diaper.

Sew the strip of fabric to the diaper about 1/8" from the edge, like this:

It's beginning to look a lot more like a burpie now. Just a few more finishing touches...

When you turn the burpie over you'll easily see the overhanging fabric. Take your scissors and trim the extra fabric along the edge of the diaper.  These diapers are not perfectly rectangular. If that bothers you, try to remember the purpose of a burp cloth and that should help put your mind at rest.  ;o)

Then zig-zag along the short edge of the burpie making sure you catch the contrasting fabric in the zig and zag!

 That's all there is to it!

I love this cute version of the burpie!
It's so easy to make, because most of the work is already done for you!

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