Friday, September 24, 2010

Easiest Halloween decoration ever...

I like Halloween, but I'm a "fair-weathered" player when it comes to decorations. I've never been into the spooky, dark aspects of Halloween. They creep me out. I guess that's the whole idea, but I don't like to play that game. With only a few exceptions I decorate with "fall" decorations that last from the first of October until the end of November. However, I do make this exception...
Eyeballs. That's right. Eyeballs. Even these would freak me out if I didn't know the "eyeball" wrapper surrounded chocolate with a caramel center. I can rationalize anything that has to do with chocolate. Chocolate makes even eyeballs more palatable. I digress....let me start at the beginning.

Last year we had a rather terrific windstorm that knocked a hefty branch off our aspen tree. I decided to put those branches to good use. I spray painted those babies black, plopped them in a container (any will do), and whaalaaa! I love the gnarly, knotted branches that an aspen tree creates -- perfect for Halloween...
Unlike chocolate, candy corn has never been a favorite of mine. Other than the shape and colors of that particular candy it's never appealed to me. However, I do think this treat helps create fabulous Halloween decorations...
When my painted branches looked so cute midst candy corn, I thought to myself, "if it works with candy corn, perhaps it will work with eyeballs." And it did...
Yesterday I spray painted the bottom of a little cloche I found at a thrift store some months back and placed the cutest little pumpkin right there in the middle...
These decorations incorporate the "Three "E's" of decorating.

What? You've never heard of the "Three "E's?"

Well, I guess that's because, technically,
they are my "Three E's" of decorating.

They are:

 The last "E", of course, carries the most weight. 
(no pun intended)

 Have a great day!
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