Monday, September 20, 2010


Last week my daughter and I finished several projects. One of these projects was making several Dwipes for friends and family that have recently given birth to little girls. I also made one for my Etsy -- it'll be in there later today.
The Dwipe came to be when one of my daughter-in-laws wondered if I could create a pattern for a diaper and wet wipe case. Soon after the "Dwipe" was born. I've been selling them and giving them as gifts ever since.
It's a small tote where a parent can store essentials -- a travel case of wet wipes, a thin changing pad, and a few diapers. This tote can also come in handy for the parent who is training their child. One can put a change of clothing into the tote in case of emergency. This mini-tote can then be thrown in a glove compartment, purse, or diaper bag and you're ready to go! Carrying this type of tote to a restroom will be more subtle than carrying a child, package of wet-wipes, and a diaper and more convenient than a heavy diaper bag. Fathers love the Dwipe because it's more compact than carrying a diaper bag to the restroom when their child needs a quick change. This, along with some wet wipes and a package of diapers, makes the perfect gift for a new mother.