Saturday, February 06, 2010

"Valentine" Give Away...

Yesterday I promised a "Valentine" Give Away associated with my plea to you to send Valentines filled with a little hope and love to those suffering from the effects of the earthquake in Haiti.

It's so easy to do! Just scroll down or go here to find out how you can stack your odds to win this classic wristlet and send a little love to those in need. Don't sign up for this Give Away here, just scroll down to get the info and find out what you can do to enter the Give Away -- time and time again!!!

I was in the mood for black and white yesterday -- with a punch of hot pink. This little clutch fits the bill.

I love scrollwork of any type. This fabric can be found at Hobby Lobby. You heard me right. Both fabrics found on this clutch are part of a private label brand for Hobby Lobby called Brother Sister Design Studio. To be honest this fabric is not the high quality you will find in most designer fabrics, but I have found several fabrics from this line that are cute, fresh and contemporary. These are two of them!

After publishing yesterday's post, I received an email from a friend of mine who is a paper genius. (You should see her scrapbooks.) She asked if her family could make the Valentines, rather than print them off. I encouraged her to do so. For some, this might be an option, rather than printing them. Use your imagination and follow the links to send them to the address in Irvine! And make sure you let me know in the comments on the post below, how many times I should enter your name for this classic Wristlet Give Away...

Have a nice weekend!