Friday, February 05, 2010

Valentines & a Give Away...

I've always loved Valentine's Day. There's something about a day that celebrates "love" that warms my heart.

I just read of an opportunity to share love in a tangible, warm-hearted way with those suffering from the results of the earthquake that shattered homes and lives last month in Haiti.

Head over to Becca's blog , at Blue Cricket Design, to learn how you can send a Valentine filled with a little hope and love to those in Haiti. It's easy and affordable. The only thing it will cost you is a little time and a stamp! An organization called "Free Wheelchair Mission" is sponsoring this Valentine love-fest.

Becca's goal is to get 100 cards sent from her readers. I've set a personal goal of 5 cards that I'll mail off today!

This is where you come in. To sweeten the deal (as if you need it sweetened), I'm setting a bloggie goal of my own. Head over to Blue Cricket Design, get your instructions, and then print off as many Valentines as you can realistically mail off! Get your family involved -- kids and all! This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to help the children of Haiti! Leave a comment here (between now and next Tuesday, February 9th) and let me know how many Valentines your family is sending/sent off. For every Valentine you mail, I will put your name in a basket for a drawing for a Wristlet Give Away. I'll make a special Wristlet just for this occasion. It would be great if, collectively, we could send off a hundred or more Valentines!

Thanks, Becca, for sharing this opportunity to give a little love to those in need. We'll all be better off for it! Click here to go to Blue Cricket Design and find out more about this fun opportunity.

Here's a sneak peak at the Wristlet I made for this "Valentines to Haiti" Give Away ...