Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Wedding Plans Continue...

This last week was a busy one with a little bit of tote-making tucked in between wedding planning and errands. All the "big ticket" items for the wedding reception in Colorado have been planned for and arranged. Venue - Cake - Flowers - Photographer - Caterer - Invitations. All those are taken care of and now we are down to planning the "little things." These little things take a lot of time and effort to collect, but they are also the fun touches that add so much to a reception! I've been collecting some of these things this week and had almost daily deliveries from different internet sources. Baskets for the napkins, a basket for the wedding cards, and a basket for the favors. Ribbon for the cake and to wrap around the little Chinese take-out favor boxes. Candles, votive holders, rocks... Yup, it's kind of hard to justify spending money on rocks, but unless you want to while away an afternoon finding, washing, and polishing little rocks, it's easier just to buy them. :o)

The Chinese take-out boxes are one of our cutest finds. Not only are they perfect in size for favors -- only slightly larger than the votive holder next to it -- but these particular ones are embossed with a sweet little floral print! Just love 'em!


I'm in "warp speed" mode right now with the wedding planning trying to get everything organized because we have a little surprise that our family is expecting very soon! Yup, another son and his wife are expecting their baby any day now...and I do mean ANY DAY! So, when that little grandbaby arrives, this Grandma gets to drop everything, forget wedding plans temporarily, and hop on a plane to help the new mommy, daddy, big sister, and baby! Can't wait! (I'm so excited!!!!)


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Future congrats "Grandma"!!!

MiaKatia said...

I agree, buying rocks is way more efficient than picking and polishing them! Oh that lil one needs to get here soon I am getting so anxious!