Thursday, September 18, 2008


I would like to make a confession. I am an event dieter. It's true. I always seem to take off the pounds a littler easier if I have an occasion looming in the distance... like a wedding. I've been pretty good lately -- it's been a slow and steady process, but a few pounds have come off and I've felt pretty good about that.

I'm afraid today I may gain it all back. You see, I am also an event eater. I tend to want to put anything and everything in my mouth and consume it when I'm nervous. My darling daughter-in-law is having their baby today. A command performance (induction) has been scheduled. I'm so excited and nervous. This is my 5th grandbaby. You'd think I would be able to control the nerves better by now, but that's not going to happen.

Anyway, I woke up this morning craving these:

and these

Fortunately, when I'm in this type of circumstance, I go into cleaning mode. I run around my house like a banshee cleaning anything and everything in site. It was only after I turned on my oven's cleaning cycle that I realized it would be difficult to make the above mentioned delicacies without an operable oven! A sweet little ploy, if you ask me. The cleaning cycle will be completed in four hours. Hopefully, by then the baby will have arrived (wishful thinking, I know) and I won't have any need for any of these goodies. If it's a long labor, I'll have to whip some up and have two or three (or six or seven).

All this rambling to ask this little favor: Please send up a little prayer on behalf of my sweet daughter-in-law and grandbaby. (Laboring women deserve all the help that is available!) I'll be sure to post a photo when the baby has arrived.


Kristine said...

Yum! Good luck resisting the temptations! Good luck to your D-I-L and her pending delivery also! Babies are so fun!

Jenni said...

See, the thing is, calories NEVER count when there's a new baby involved. Whether you're the one having the baby, coaching the one having the baby, anxiously waiting by the phone for news of the baby, reading someone's blog about the coming of a doesn't count. So, I say, serve up! I'll take a dozen, myself.

MiaKatia said...

Oh this made me laugh! I am a nervous wreck today too, and I am not doing any of the work. And Jenni has it right. Calories do not count when a baby is involved!!! I think I will have to go find a cookie too.

devri said...

Love it, I am a anytime eater.. just you wait, I'll get over my anytime, and move to event.. so your doing better than me..

Did you say baby---- Hope everything goes well, I always get nervous, whether it be one of mine, or someone elses... Good luck, prayers for sure.

Julie said...

Oh my goodness, how exciting!!! Maybe she is born by now (it is 9:15pm)!!! I'm so happy for ya...but don't you get too fat now!!! LOL :)

Kristi Chase said...

You are invited to come over and cook for me anytime! Yum! Luckily I am not worried about calories, one blessing to breastfeeding I suppose.