Monday, September 08, 2008

I'm Honored ...

A big thanks to Jean from Ms. Green Thumb Jean's and a new blogging friend from Tins and Treasures for presenting me with the "I Love Your Blog" award. How nice is that? I love it when people read my blog and comment -- I've always thought that was reward enough, but it's fun to get an award like this too!

I met Jean through Bloomin' Tuesday. She's the one that organized and instigated that fun Tuesday post. She has an awesome garden and a really fun, creative blog.

I was thinking the other day that I know a lot of folks by their blog's name and not by their given names and "Tins and Treasures" is one of those. The sweet lady associated with Tins and Treasures is a high school Family & Consumer Science teacher. She has a darling Etsy shop and an awesome blog. Check out both of these blogs!

Now I have the heady responsibility of naming seven of my favorite blogs. I love looking at blogs and getting creative inspiration from many different people, so picking just seven favorite blogs is next to impossible, however, here are few of my many favorites. Enjoy!

Food Blogs I love:
  • Bakerella - You will find some really fun, creative baking ideas on Bakerella's blog. (Hint: Never look at her blog when you are really hungry... there could be dire consequences.)
  • Bake or Break - An absolutely awesome blog with beautiful photos of home-baked delicacies!
Photography Blogs I love:
  • In a Soft Light - Mary is one talented lady. Every photo she takes is like a prayer.
  • Muddy Boot Dreams - Another awesome photographer who has combined two of her passions - flowers and photography -- and shares them with us.
Creative Sources:
  • Charmed Designs - Dana is an artist extraordinaire. She makes the most exquisite jewelry. Really beautiful works of art.
  • Anna Maria Horner - This is a blog worth checking out -- lots of bright, vibrant fabrics.
  • Artsy Crafty Babe - Another beautiful, creative blog. Luscious totes and quilts can be found here.
Like I said, picking a favorite blog is kind of like picking your favorite child -- an impossible task. There are so many that I enjoy!


devri said...

And don't forget about me,, I must be your favorite nonsense blog right?

devri said...

ps, I hope you don't mind, I made a blog layout made out of one of your totes, it's the one with the green and tne trees, does that make sense, I put your name on the blog though.. if you do mind, let me know and I will throw it out, or give it to you,, I personally love it......

Suzanne said...

I would like to make an official addendum to my list. Also...

The Naulu Tribe - Devri is one of the funniest people in bloggerville.


Also, Devri -- of course I don't mind. I went to look for it and couldn't find it. Where is it?

MiaKatia said...

I love your blog too!

Jan said...

Your blog makes me happy. I'm so not surprised you got an award! :)