Thursday, October 01, 2020

Baked Apple Cider Doughnuts...

I never really cared for apples until I moved to New England. Since that time they have become a favorite of mine. Apples are sweeter, crisper, and better here! One of my favorite things to do with apples is dehydrate them, but my favorite appley treat is an apple cider doughnut. You can purchase them at almost all of the farm stands in our area, but I thought I would try a baked version that I found on the blog "Saving Room for Dessert." I wouldn't call these a "healthy version" because of all the sugar, but it might be a slightly more healthy version. Still, after they're baked they are rolled in cinnamon sugar which, of course, makes them delicious!

There is a marked difference between fried and baked doughnuts. No amount of arguing will tell me otherwise, but this baked version is still very good. I especially love the robust apple flavor in this doughnut. There's no mistaking it, and it's wonderful! 

The recipe calls for reduced apple cider, so that brings out the intense flavor of apple cider in the doughnut. Plus, there's the added benefit of your house smelling like apple pie as you boil the cider down! 

Next time I will fill the doughnut baking pan higher. These doughnuts don't raise much, so the pan needs to be filled high. I learned that as I made the second batch.

Here's the recipe: