Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Christmas Quilt - "Ornaments"

I just noticed it's been a month since I last posted. Lots going on in our neck of the woods! I don't know if I've mentioned that we're building a home in Massachusetts. Last June we moved from our home of 30 years in Colorado to northern Massachusetts. My husband had been working for a company here for about a year -- flying back and forth from MA to CO every weekend. When they asked if we would be willing to relocated, we thought about it (for about two seconds) and jumped in with both feet. We've love it here! This has been a really fun adventure at this empty-nest-stage of our lives. Our home is a few months away from being finished, so we're excited to move into it and get more permanently settled.

In the meantime I finished another Christmas quilt. If you haven't guessed by now, I'm making these for each one of our kid's families for Christmas next year. A couple of years ago I made a quilt for every member of our family and a couple more to boot. It was exhausting and last year I couldn't look at my sewing machine without feeling queasy. I'm over that now, so I decided to make a Christmas quilt for each family and give them with a few other things I've picked up as a Christmas/Pre-Christmas gift for each family. We have 45 kids and grandkids in our family, so Christmas is beginning to get overwhelming. If anyone has suggestions on what we can do for gifts for Christmas for our kids and grandkids, please advise.

I've used a lot of aqua and red in the quilts I've been making because a number of our kids have those colors in their Christmas decorations. I love those two colors together anyway, so I'm drawn to them by choice also! The fabric for this quilt was built around this ornament fabric, "Vintage Holiday Ornaments Aqua, by Bonnie and Camille for Moda." The other fabrics are from the same line. Love all of the complimentary fabrics -- so crisp and clean!

I chose a poinsettia quilting pattern for this quilt. It mimics the red fabric on the border which is filled with poinsettias. Usually, I like the quilting pattern to fade into the background, but this time we chose a gray/silver thread and I love it! It makes the pattern pop a little more, and for this quilt it's a nice change...

I can't wait to move into the new house for about a million reasons, but one of those reasons is so I can take pictures of my quilts outside again! I always used to take photos of my quilts against my fence in natural light outside. It shows off the colors and patterns better. In the apartment it's easier to take the photos inside, and the pictures are pretty horribaaaalll... ugh.

Anway, Spring has sprung. Days are getting warmer and there are blossoms all over the place, so life is good! Wishing you a great day!