Sunday, November 19, 2017

Banner Display Holder...

I'm not sure this is even blog worthy, but a few months ago I made a little banner holder that I know  will get a lot of use. At the time I made it for a table display for the buffet at a baby shower. This month I used it at a church party for the ladies in our congregation. It's so easy that I thought I'd share.

I like a buffet to have a little height and I love banners, so I made this little banner holder in about 10 minutes. All you need is two 8" {or larger depending on your preference} wood rounds and a couple of wood dowels about 1/2 inch in size. You can find these wood rounds and dowels at most hobby stores and a great online source is Save-On-Crafts... here.

Find the center of the wood round and mark with a pencil. Then drill a hold the size of the dowel. Done. 

You can find banners, pom-poms, and tassels to hang from the banner holder at a myriad of places... Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, World Market, party stores, etc. So many fun options out there. I found the two I displayed here at Hobby Lobby.

Here's one little trick to make the dowels stand up perfectly straight. If the dowel is leaning a teeny bit to one side, just slip a natural colored toothpick between the dowel and the wood round and break it off so the end of the toothpick is left between the dowel and the round. The toothpick becomes a shim and forces the dowel to "straighten up." Or you can glue the dowels in place, but I think it's easier to store the holder if the pieces aren't glued together.

A banner display makes for a fun and affordable way to decorate for a party...