Thursday, April 27, 2017

Thatcher's quilt...

I'm back from California -- sunny San Diego to be exact. Did I mention just how much I love it there? We came back to a weather forecast of snow on Saturday in Colorado. {Sigh.}

I have another quilt to show you today. {Surprised? No.} I just finished this quilt for our four-year-old grandson, nicknamed Tate. He is a strapping little guy with favorite colors of black and red. When I saw this Burly Beaver line by Robert Kaufman I knew it was created for this boy of ours. The fabric line is filled with burly backwoods beavers, checks, tree bark, and thermoses -- everything a logger needs!

I chose red and blacks for the main design, but filled in with a lot of gray. I love black, but in small doses with fabric, so I chose the gray to soften the bright, bold reds and blacks. I also chose a swirly pattern for the quilting. I wanted something circular to soften the stark lines of the quilt.

There's something delightfully cute about those beavers -- especially when you are outdoorsy kind of guy!

I used up a little more fabric with this design on the back...

 I love the "tree bark" fabric in this line. So cute to carry the theme of loggerman to the obvious pattern of bark. This fabric dominates the back of the quilt and is the frame on the front of the quilt.

One down... a couple million to go ~~~ !