Monday, March 28, 2016

Dwipes -- Diaper & Wet Wipe Tote

Last week I devoted a few hours to sewing. It felt heavenly. I've mentioned that we have a little granddaughter due in June, so I've been buying fabrics with her in mind. I wanted to make sure I made our little princess a "Dwipe."

I've been selling my Dwipe patterns {commercial pattern and personal pattern} in my Etsy store for years now. The Dwipe is a diaper and wet-wipe mini-tote. It's a small case where a parent can store diaper-changing essentials -- a travel case of wet wipes, a thin changing pad, and a couple of diapers.

This tote can also come in handy for the parents who are training their child. One can put a change of clothing into the tote in case of emergency. This mini-tote can then be placed in a glove compartment, a purse, or a diaper bag.

Carrying this type of tote to a restroom is more subtle than carrying a child, a package of wet-wipes, and a diaper and more manageable than a heavy diaper bag.

Fathers love the Dwipe because they don't have to carry a purse or diaper bag to take their child to the restroom for a quick change.

This -- along with some wet wipes and a small package of diapers -- makes the perfect gift for new parents. The dimensions of the Dwipe are 7"x10"x1".

Both these cute fabrics with a touch of metallic gold are found at Hobby Lobby.