Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Caramel Apples...

Last week my DIL Meghann and I made caramel apples. She had suggested we make them about a month ago, and, finally, the stars aligned and we were able to get together! I'd made them one time before, and it was a total disaster, so I was looking forward to learning from a pro. It wasn't until we were about ready to start that she told me she'd never made them before. {What?!@*!} However, she simply turned to a YouTube video, and we learned all we needed to know. We ended up making 24 of these beauties!

One thing I learned that would have made my first experience a success, is that you need to wash the apples really well -- scrubbing them a bit to get off all the wax that is applied to the outside of them before they are displayed at the store. If you don't get the wax off, your toppings -- especially your caramel -- will slip right off the apple. {Lesson learned.}

We had a variety of toppings. We dipped them all in caramel, let that harden by refrigerating the apples for a little while, then dipped them in white chocolate or dark chocolate. In the photo above, the apple on the left was dipped in caramel, then white chocolate, and, finally, in a cinnamon and brown sugar mixture. It's called an "Apple Pie Caramel Apple." The one on the right was dipped in caramel, then dark chocolate and pecans.

We also used a drizzle method {see photo above}, where the apples were dipped in caramel, and then drizzled with white chocolate and dark chocolate. Sometimes nuts or tiny chocolate chips were added to the drizzle at the top.

Meghann and I talked about our love of family traditions as we were making these and decided that this would have to be a new traditional fall activity that we would keep!