Monday, July 20, 2015

Silverware Envelopes and other wedding details...

One of the responsibilities {and pleasures} my husband and I have for my son and daughter-in-law's wedding will be to host a wedding brunch for family and friends just after the ceremony in the Oakland California Temple. This will be a more casual and relaxed setting than the reception the day before in San Francisco. We're fortunate that my sister and her husband live just ten minutes away from the temple, so their beautiful home will be the setting for the brunch. The theme is a French country brunch buffet with lots of pastries, tea sandwiches, quiche, salads, fruits, tarts and macarons. As if that isn't enough we'll have some wedding cake and a croquembouche or French Wedding Cake. The bride's sister is making the croquembouche. Here's a photo of the dry run they did to see if they could pull it off...

A croquembrouche consists of cream puffs and other confectionery items arranged in or on a cone and held together by caramel sauce. They bought a styrofoam cone, wrapped it in parchment paper and added the cream puffs with the tacky caramel. It's pretty amazing, isn't it?

There will be about 100 people at this event, so I'm busy planning all the details so it will run smoothly and look effortless. While scouring Pinterest I came upon this lovely idea at Save-On-Crafts.

They are called Silverware Envelopes. I love a quick exit from a buffet {especially when there are a lot of people waiting in line}, so this is the perfect solution to house all of one's utensils and a napkin in a to-go pouch. It's a great idea not just for this occasion, but for any type of casual entertaining.

I knew I could either spend over $80 to order 100 of these cute envelopes, or I could try to make them myself for a quarter of that price. You guessed it. I made them...

I bought four packages of #9 Kraft Policy Envelopes {25 per package} at Hobby Lobby for $2.49 each on sale at 50% off. That's 100 envelopes for $9.60. The outside dimensions for this envelope are about 9"x4". I lopped off the top flap with a paper cutter.

Then I went online and found this silverware stamp at Stamper's Anonymous for $13. I actually like this stamp better than the stamp they used on the store bought items because it's a little larger and a better size for the envelopes.

I love the vintage image of this knife, fork, and spoon.

Instead of spending over $80 on these envelopes, I spent about $23, and I have a stamp that I can reuse in the future for other parties. Time to check that detail off the list!