Tuesday, June 30, 2015

New Resource for Pillow Forms!

Recently I was given the opportunity to try a product from a new-to-me company called, Pillow Cubes. Pillow Cubes is a pillow form manufacturer that sells by the case. They fill their pillow forms with a variety of products, such as: real goose down or duck feathers, "synthetic" down, polyester, or a 100% recycled "green" fiber. To top it off, all their products are made in America. That's something I can truly appreciate!

Normally, as a home-sewer, I don't have the need to buy pillows in bulk. But occasionally I have had the opportunity to teach a class or make pillows for gifts that would require me to buy more than a few pillow forms at a time. For those of you who make and sell pillows, Pillow Cubes could be a great fit as your pillow form supplier.

The pillow form I tried was a 12 x 16 down alternative pillow, sometimes referred to as "synthetic down." I was pleasantly surprised to realize how closely this synthetic version resembles a real down pillow -with all the benefits of a hypo-allergenic pillow!  These pillow forms are reasonably priced as well. For example, a 12x12 feather down pillow form, in a case of 24, ends up being under $4 a pillow form. A 12x12 eco-filled polyester filled pillow form, in a case of 24, is just $2.80. Pretty amazing. The "cases" don't always consist of 24 items -- the number of pillows in a case is relative to the size of the pillow form.

August 2015 Update: Pillow Cubes is now selling pillows individually and not by the case! This enables the home sewer to use their products with ease and buy only what is needed!

I do feel like Pillow Cubes is a great resource, particularly for those who make and sell their own pillows. When you purchase their pillows forms, you get some well-made, high-quality pillow forms at a very reasonable cost!

When approached by Pillow Cubes to try their product, I told the representative that I would be happy to make a pillow {in the photo above!} using one of their pillow forms, and that I would gladly publish a post on my blog with a reference to Pillow Cubes site if I liked the product. I obviously did.