Monday, November 10, 2014

"Give Thanks" Plaque Attack...

 Tutorial and Link to Vinyl

It's been a couple of years since I've published a Plaque Attack on my blog. This one is going to be an all time favorite of mine. It's no secret that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love everything about it -- being surrounded by family, a fabulous dinner, the smell of autumn, a time to count blessings and express gratitude -- it reaches all my senses and sensibilities. This plaque symbolizes all of that to me.


  • For 5 plaques: One 1"x12"x6' length of pine board ::: For 1 plaque: One 1"x12"x13" pine board
  • Dark walnut wood stain
  • Vinyl wreath & quote
  • Sander & sanding paper

1.) I made five plaques at the same time so I purchased a 1"x12"x6' length of pine board and had it cut into five 1"x12"x13" pieces -- with a little remaining. {Take that remaining piece home in case you want to practice beveling the edges of it, before you bevel the edges of the plaques.} Home Depot will make these cuts free of charge, so I always have my wood cut before I leave the store.

2.) I wanted the edges of the plaques rounded (beveled), so I put the hubs to work on his router. This step isn't necessary, but it makes for a more finished look. If you like a rustic look, there's no need for beveling the edges.

3.) Next I used my orbital sander to whip the plaques into shape. It took me less than a minute a plaque to get them ready to stain...

4.) Stain both the front and back sides of the plaques...

It always amazes me how wood takes stain so unevenly, but that rustic, imperfect quality is what I love most about working with wood...

5.) When the stain is dry, apply the vinyl "leaf wreath" -- centering it on the plaque horizontally, and placing the tops of the leaves about one inch from the top of the plaque. After the leaf wreath has been affixed to the plaque, center the quote inside the wreath and add it to the wood plaque.

My friend Sharon has this vinyl wreath and quote available at her online store, Vinyl Wall Expressions. Follow this link to purchase this beautiful golden and white custom vinyl to make a plaque of your own.The vinyl measures 9 inches wide x 10 3/4 inches long.

6.) I put a light coat of Rust-oleum Clear Matte Spray Finish on the top of the plaques once the vinyl was affixed to the wood. This will protect the wood and keep the wood from fading. Done!

These plaques were such a fun project, and I now have five beautiful gifts to give away this month. I think one of these plaques would make a beautiful hostess gift.

The vinyl for the wreath is a beautiful metallic gold color, and I love the simple phrase that sums up Thanksgiving to me.

Happy Thanksgiving.