Monday, April 07, 2014

Thankful Thoughts...

Yesterday, while it was still early and few people were out, I went on a long walk near our home. I never get tired of this view. Our town is situated just east of Longs Peak (the snow-capped mountain in the distance). Winter, spring, summer and fall the view of this beautiful summit never disappoints...

Like many places in the U.S. we've had a cold winter. We're just beginning to see green grass and buds on trees. It'll be weeks before all the trees have blossomed and leafed out, but spring is in the air and with it a sense of renewal and optimism.

As I walked I could hear the trill and chirps of a variety of birds. They are busy feathering their nests and preparing for good things to come.

Like many families we've faced some hard challenges the last few years, but individually and as a family we have been blessed in many, many ways. It was easy to relax and count those blessings as I took in these beautiful scenes.

One of my favorite sayings is...

Work in place of worry, 
faith in place of fear.
                  Lucile Tate

 I love the hope and conviction those words give me.

Sometimes our lives get tangled up and messy, but even in those times one can find beauty.

Wishing you a wonderful day!