Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Baby Doll Diapers and Bibs...

Several weeks ago I babysat our two year old granddaughter for a week. During the stay she found our diaper stash. We literally have diapers of every size. When our grandbabies come to visit, I often tell their parents not to bring too many diapers with them. That way they have more room in their luggage for other essentials. As a result we have a stash of diapers in every size. Our little Ellie has an affinity for playing with baby dolls, so when she found the stash of diapers every doll in the house was diapered immediately. And, of course, being the good momma that she is, she changed her babies frequently. The newborn size diapers in my stash was greatly diminished that week. Soon after they left I searched Pinterest to find a baby doll diaper and bib pattern. A few days later all our dolls were appropriately attired.

The doll in the photo above is 13" long.

I found the diaper pattern at Skip to my Lou. I twerked it a little (making the back a little higher, and the front tabs a little longer), but for the most part I used Cindy's cute pattern. This cloth diaper can be used on dolls 13" to 17" tall because of the expandable waist. Because we have dolls all different sizes, I put a strip of velcro (soft side up) across the front of the diaper, instead of putting smaller pieces on the front at exact places to fit a specific doll. By doing this the waist of the diaper can be expanded to fit a variety of dolls. See photo below...

I found a baby doll bib pattern at The Crafty Cupboard. I added 1/2" around the outside edge of the bib and made the neck hole a little larger to better accommodate the variety of dolls we have. I whipped up a half dozen diapers and as many bibs in one day. I'm also going to make a few little cloth "wet-wipes" and a dolly Dwipe, so our little mommas who come to visit have a place to store these baby supplies.

In a month some of our grandkids will visit again, and I'm looking forward to seeing them play with these items and a few more I'll be making in the coming weeks.