Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Manfred Tooth Pillow Pattern...

My fourth grandchild lost his first tooth last week. I got a call and picture a few minutes later...

He was very excited, but I noticed a "deer in the headlights" expression on his little face. It's both thrilling and perplexing to have teeth fall out of your mouth. I'd made Brunhilda and Manfred Tooth Pillows for his cousins a couple of years ago, so I figured a "Manfred the Monster" tooth pillow was in order for this soon to be toothless kiddo. Here's the pillow I made for him:

Here's how this tooth pillow works. Before your toothless wonder goes to bed, his "lost" tooth is placed in the pillow (Manfred's mouth) for safe keeping until the tooth fairy visits.

The next morning when he awakens the tooth fairy has visited and left a little something in its place.

Usually that "little something" is cold, hard cash. Which makes little hearts go pitter-patter. If this little 10-inch pillow is reserved and only used when a tooth has been lost, it makes the occasion all the more special!

This pillow is getting shipped off today to my grandson.
Hopefully the little guy won't loose two more teeth before it gets there!


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