Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Bloomin' Tuesday

We have had a crazy spring this year. We were still getting snow a couple of weeks ago, but I believe spring has finally sprung in Colorado and last week I bought hundreds of flowers and planted away! I planted our tiered garden with impatiens like I do every year. There are a bagillion little impatiens buds in the first tier. They will fill in the area surrounding my birdie fountain in no time...

Have you ever seen a Dappled Willow bush? I hadn't seen any in our stores till this year, so I bought a couple to put in containers. I know they are usually planted in the ground, but I thought it would make a beautiful addition to a pot. It'll only last a season, but at $15 a bush (Home Depot) it made for an inexpensive container plant. It's so pretty and unusual with its mottled leaves and patches of pale pink.

Here's another planting that is new to our garden this year. I took a chance and decided to plant some ornamental grasses in a few of our containers, and I'm so glad I did. Planting in pots is a great way to feature grasses without the worry of them spreading or taking over a garden. I love the height they add to a grouping of containers. I added some impatiens and lobelias at the base of the grasses. This will definitely be something I repeat in years to come...

I bought some gorgeous already-potted geraniums this year. The blossoms on these plants are as big as a salad plate and the bright colors are stunning...

And finally, we got one of our square foot gardens planted. Four tomato plants, one banana pepper, one yellow squash, one zucchini and one eggplant (see flower below) fill the 4'x8' space on one side of our yard. We'll have to plant the veggie garden on the other side of the yard when we get back from our vacation.

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On another much more important level, my heart goes out to those in Oklahoma today. 
Prayers are being sent your way.