Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bloomin' Tuesday...

This morning, for Bloomin' Tuesday, I will feature "springtime in the Rockies" (Colorado)...

That's right. We've got a foot of snow on the ground this morning and we're grateful!

We've seen precious little precipitation this winter, but yesterday's snowstorm caught us
up to a more normal year for moisture.

On a different note...In the last two years we've lost two peach trees in our yard. I'm going to miss being able to walk out our back door and pick a luscious, ripe peach in August. The good side of having to remove those trees is that we now have the space for two vegetable gardens. Last Saturday we got busy and built one of the raised garden beds. Let me show it to you. Do you see the ceder planks peeking out from underneath the foot of snow?

It might be awhile before it looks like this (see below).
We need to thaw out for a month or so before we can plant anything.
I am excited, though, to try square foot gardening. I've heard glowing reports from those who have tried it, so we're looking forward to having our own! Have a nice {warm} day!