Monday, January 28, 2013

Painted Owl Pillow

A couple of weeks ago I was wondering through Pinterest when I saw this adorable pillow. I followed its trail and realized that it was no longer available on Etsy, so at that moment I decided to make a similar one for myself. The owl was originally silk screened onto fabric, but I don't have a silk screen so I decided to hand paint me some owl. I haphazardly carefully and deliberately sketched my owl...

Next I cut a piece of fabric and traced the owl onto the fabric. You all know the trick of tracing through a window right? No? Well, I'll fill you in. Hang the original drawing -- the paper you are tracing from -- on your sliding glass door or window. Choose a window that is directly exposed to light during that time of day. Then hang the paper or fabric you're tracing onto on top of the original drawing. The bright light through the window will help you easily see through the top layer to the original drawing below and make it easy for you to trace onto the finished product.

When I had the drawing sketched onto my muslin, I choose some acrylic paint and went to work with a small 3/8" paintbrush...

If I make this pillow again, I might add a little heart right here...

Next, I assembled the pillow. I placed some pom pom fringe into the seam of the pillow. I love the whimsical element that pom poms add to anything...

Whenever I make something for the first time, there are always things I'd do differently. This time I would have added a little more fabric to the bottom of the pillow so the feet would be a little more apparent. Who'd want to cover up these adorable tootsies?

I'm sure eventually my love of owls will wane, but so far there is no sign of that happening.

Update: A couple of you have asked in a comment what acrylic paint I used. The week before I bought a small sample of Martha Stewart "Cornucopia" (interior wall paint) in Home Depot for another project, so I just used that. Any acrylic paint will do. It doesn't have to be fabric paint because a pillow isn't something you're going to be washing a lot. 

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