Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A "thank you" to you!

What inspired me this week? 

I just want to take a minute to thank those who have sent me sweet emails and comments lately. I often don't have time to respond individually to these messages, but please know that I'm appreciative of your kind words. This week I've been dealing with a copyright issue. Someone has been selling products for profit that are replicas of items made from my most popular copyrighted pattern that I gave away freely. She's sold these items at craft markets and on Etsy, and she continues to insist that her "similar" pattern and the application were her ideas. {We have a supernatural connection in mental telepathy if that's the case.} After giving her several opportunities to do the right thing, I brought the matter to the attention of Etsy. Her response was to challenged my faith and accuse me of not acting "Christ-like". No worries -- I didn't respond. I had already decided to let Etsy and other sources determine the outcome before I received that missive, but the whole exchange was disturbing, and it made me wonder whether offering my patterns free of charge is the right thing to do. This morning I had just finished dealing with a number of issues regarding this problem, when I received this tender mercy from a reader requesting my Trick or Treat Bag pattern:

Hello! I was hoping to be able to request the Trick or Treat Bag Pattern that you posted on your blog...I'm very excited to try this out, as I wanted to make some bags that my little boys can keep and use over the years. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity with the world! This looks amazing!
Thank you...

This was one of many emails I've received lately, but as I read it my outlook immediately changed, and I was reminded once again of how good it feels to give freely. This past week I've answered hundreds of emails from readers requesting my free patterns. Often these emails are filled with kind words that lift my spirit and brighten my day. Your emails and the comments help inspire me and help fuel my imagination, and they make me grateful that I am surrounded by people who appreciate my efforts. To all my blogging friends -- thanks for being my inspiration!