Monday, November 28, 2011

Home Again...

My husband and I calculated the other day that we've been out of state at least once every month this year. In December we're staying planted and our family is coming to us! {So happy about that!} We just spent the last 10 days in northern California visiting my family. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and I even had the chance to craft a little bit. We helped "host" Thanksgiving this year for my family, so I wanted to try my hand at some centerpieces that I had pinned earlier in the month. I bought some inexpensive round glass vases at Michaels (tin cans would have worked too) and some long cinnamon sticks. I cut out a brown paper bag to go around the vase and hot glued the cinnamon sticks to the paper. They had a delightful, subtle fragrance. Then I bought some flowers and collected some greenery and gorgeous roses from my mother's garden. The result was really beautiful...

On Thanksgiving morning my husband, son and I went on a walk and collected beautiful fall leaves in a variety of colors, pods, and berries to put at the base of the vases with some greenery. 

Then I put my husband and son to work carving out little round circles in some miniature pumpkins we bought at the grocery store. We plopped a tea light in those and they were stunning when they were lit!

I left the "cinnamon vases" there, but I've decided I'll have to make some for Christmas at our house. I think they'll be beautiful with some Christmas greenery and white and red flowers!

I came back to an almost finished master bathroom redo. I'm so excited about that, however, I have a lot of painting to do in the next 36 hours, so I'll be AWOL for several more days. I'm so anxious to show you a fabulous redo of some master bedroom furniture we re-purposed for our computer room. {You heard me right.} I'll post that later this week! I'm also going to be using a damask stencil on our bedroom and bathroom walls -- stay tuned for that adventure!