Sunday, October 02, 2011

Thankful Thoughts...

What delighted me this week? 
 We've had a full house. Four of our grandchildren and their parents came for a visit this week. I think every piece of framed art on our walls is slightly askew. Those who have grandchildren (or children) will understand that statement. The decibel level in our home went up exponentially as each little one entered the house! It was so delightful to be surrounded by those little people and their parents. I'm happiest when I have family around me.

Another thankful thought...
My husband and I celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary last week. We were toddlers when we wed... :o)  I can't imagine having lived my life without this man at my side. He is such a good, kind man, and I'm so thankful that he is mine and I am his.

What challenged me this week?
Have you ever tried to write your spiritual conviction in a short, concise paragraph or two? It's a challenge. Our church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, sometimes referred to as "Mormons") has given its members an opportunity to create a profile and share their spiritual story on, so this week I embraced that challenge and created my profile. I love this website. It's not only inspirational, but it's a great place to go for accurate information about our church. Feel free to read my profile here.