Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Early Morning Hours . . .

One of my favorite times of the day in the summer are the early morning hours, and one of my favorite places is my garden. I love it best when the sun has just crept over the eastern horizon and the garden is flush with the dappled light of morning. Early this morning I was in my garden taking some photos, and it occurred to me to use the garden as a backdrop for some pictures of a few new creations I made last week.

I love these Bunting Cosmetic Bags. (Go here for the tutorial and list of materials.) They are just the right size, and I love the bunting that criss-crosses the front of the bag. Here are two bags I made last week in my favorite summer color -- turquoise...

Turquoise reminds me of the ocean, summer skies, and the bottom of a swimming pool -- all things that mean "summer" and "fun" to me! I put a spunky little lining in these bags to give it a little pizzazz when it's opened!

These bags are cute on their own, but with this early morning backdrop they're made even better!

I hope you're enjoying a beautiful summer day!