Monday, April 18, 2011

Brunhilde: the snaggle-toothed princess she-monster

The other day I was skipping through some favorite blogs when I was directed to a relatively new blog and an adorable monster applique. I had been {unsuccessfully} trying to come up with an applique for a project I'd had on my mind for quite some time, and I knew when I looked at Lisa's monster applique it would be perfect for what I was imagining. My thanks to Lisa at "Stubbornly Crafty" for sharing her talents and encouraging me to use my version of her applique for this purpose! {Please see "update" below.}

Without further ado may I introduce 

You might surmise that Brunhilde is merely a run-of-the-mill snaggle-toothed princess she-monster mini-pillow, but in actuality she is so much more.

Allow me to explain the purpose of this snaggle-toothed monster's creation. Below is a photo of our oldest grandchild. {Sigh} Is there anything cuter than the toothless grin of a 6 year old?

For some time now I've wanted to make this little princess and my other adorable grandchildren {that are sure to be in the same toothless boat someday} a tooth pillow. Here's how a tooth {fairy} pillow works. Before the child goes to bed her "lost" tooth is placed in the pillow for safe keeping until the tooth fairy's visit. {Because no one in my household is a six-year old with a loose tooth, I was led to substitute a drawing for the real thing. An imagination is required if you are a regular reader of my blog.}

The next morning when she awakens the tooth fairy has visited and left a little something in its place...

This little 10 inch pillow can be reserved and used only when a little one has lost a tooth. Using it on this auspicious occasion makes it all the more special!

{Update: A little misunderstanding ... I have since learned that Lisa purchased this applique from an Etsy site, so if you are interested in buying this applique please go here.}

Stay Tuned: On Tuesday (tomorrow) I will share my "little boy version" of this tooth pillow {Manfred: the snaggle-toothed he-monster}! Later in the week I will share some brief instructions and my pattern for the Manfred tooth pillow. From those instructions you should be able to easily make a Brunhilde pillow after purchasing the applique pattern here. I'll also be posting a tutorial later this week on how to applique for beginner sewers!

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