Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thankful Thoughts

What moved me this week?
This week I went to visit my daughter and her family in Omaha. Each evening before they put their sons (ages 1 & 3) to bed their family kneels in prayer. After the prayer is finished the word "hugs" rings out. This word initiates what can only be described as a "hug-fest." Their two little ones run from person to person flinging their arms wide and hugging each adult tight. When all the adults are taken care of they turn toward each other and plow into one another's arms. Seeing their chubby little arms solidly wrapped around each other moved me. The love between siblings is a wonderful thing. It can be such a positive and bolstering force in one's life -- even when you're toddlers!

 What surprised me this week?
Having a craft blog is a humbling experience. At least for me it is. One never knows when one shares a creation just how well it will be received, so it was a bit of a surprise this week when my "Love Birds" Heating Pads for my grandchildren were met with enthusiastic approval by my blogging friends. (Thank you!) Even more of a surprise is that our grandkids seem to love them. Apparently, they love being warmed up at night with their little Love Bird by their sides. One grandson, a one year old who sleeps on his stomach, falls asleep with it firmly tucked under his tummy every night! It was a pleasant and welcome surprise!