Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Been busy...

This is such a busy time year. I hardly have time to look at my favorite blogs, let alone write a post of my own. The last few days have been busier than most, thanks to a little granddaughter of mine. Several weeks ago her mother called to ask if I could "play Santa" this year. She wanted to write Santa a letter and her mother was wondering if I (aka "Santa") might be able to answer it. I enthusiastically agreed! A few days ago when I received her letter, I realized it might have been better if I'd considered all the ramifications...

Avery is a precocious little thing and a prolific writer, as was demonstrated by her letter to Santa...

She started out with the usual greeting and then went on to ask 20, yes 20 (I counted), questions for Santa. They were perceptive and thoughtful questions, such as...

"Which reindeer is your favorite?"

"What is your favorite elf's name?"

"Do you have lots of friends?"

"Do you like doggies?"
(This was a good opportunity for Santa to petition Avery to quit
carrying around her cat, Cosmo, by the neck.)

"Who gives you Christmas presents?"

"Do you like your job?"

"Do the reindeer get along?"

And finally, "Are the elves fun to play with?"

It took me three pages to answer five questions. "Santa" may need to publish a Volume 2 and 3 later in the year just to satisfy her curiosity.

I took advantage of the situation and added a few words of advice from "Santa", like "Always remember to be kind to your little sister..." (Her parents owe me for that one.)

I learned early on in my parenting that Santa's admonitions carry big weight with children. As a young mother throughout the month of December, I hourly belted out "You better watch out... You better not cry..." when my kids were young. It worked like a charm. Every. Time.

I have to admit, with all the busyness going on this time of year, it was so fun to sit down, relax, chuckle and respond to a little girl's questions and wish-list for Christmas. It was my favorite moment so far this season.