Friday, May 08, 2009

A Sneak Peak.... for May's Give-Away

A big "thank you" to all who participated in my poll this last week and helped select "Caribbean Turquoise" as the color that you would most like to see in my May Tote Give-Away! I was so happy that most of you chose that color because I just happened to have these beautiful, Caribbean turquoise Amy Butler prints in stock. So... I'm giving you a sneak peak of what's in store for the May Give-Away. I'll start that contest next week -- on Wednesday, May 13th.

These beautiful fabrics are from Amy Butler's, Daisy Chain, line. In the spirit of Art Nouveau, Daisy Chain offers a stylish and free spirited vision full of floral and garden styled motifs. The color schemes in these fabrics are a soothing, calm blend of mossy green, creamy vanilla, and limpid turquoise. Did I mention I love this fabric? Who wouldn't? The top fabric is named "Clematis," the middle is called "Kaleidoscope Leaf," and the bottom one was christened "Wildflowers." Can't wait to whip it up. Make sure you come back in a week and sign up for this contest!


Lisa said...

Love the colors. Love the patterns. Love it. Love it.

Quilt Hollow said...

You have such a wonderful eye for fabric choice! Are you sure I can't turn you into a quilter? Though, your totes are absolutely gorgeous and wonderful!

Becky said...

Nice colors! Loved the story in the previous post about your mother-in-law!

Renee said...

Oh yeah, baby!

Carolynn said...

I'm a big lover of fabric and these are beautiful. I've really been enjoying the tote I got from you. I've been using it to carry all the little 'extras' I seem to need with me when I go to work every day. When it's not in use, it hangs on a doorknob in my kitchen, so I can enjoy the cheerful colours. :o)

Can't wait to see what you whip up with these beautiful samples.

BTW, thank you for leaving such a lovely note at my place. I did notice the two dots, although it was your mention of things left unsaid that made the penny drop for me.


Mila Julia n Ryan said...

I always love you stuff!!!

AnnieOfBlueGables said...

Just got back from Colorado. I called Zoe and chatted with her for a bit.
I was hoping to win the Mother's day drawing and have the excuse of calling you and personally picking it up, but alas. . . Glad your son won it really.

Anonymous said...