Thursday, October 02, 2008


My new friend, Angie, at Leaping Thru Life tagged me and asked me to participate in this 7 weird facts about myself. I'm sure my family and friends could come up with some doozies, but these are the facts I'm willing to share...

1.) I could never be a drug addict. I'm allergic to opium derivatives -- like morphine and codeine.

2.) I love to vacuum and see the stripes in the carpet after I'm done. Many years ago we bought a vacuum cleaner that was really hard to push and maneuver. Because the vacuum was so heavy I got carpal tunnel syndrome in my wrist and elbow because I vacuumed so often (once a day). Eventually the muscles caught up with the pain and I had a pretty buff little arm till that vacuum cleaner bit the dust -- so to speak.

3.) I have seven children -- all by the same father -- all by the same mother (me). Ok, this isn't that unusual in some circles, but my oldest was only 10 years old when the youngest was born.

4.) I love the smell of freshly cut grass, so throughout the summer I often cut our grass twice a week just to get a good whiff.

5.) I was sent to the principal's office in high school by my teacher just because I laughed out loud during my history class -- the class was quiet -- I was not. I've been told all my life that my laugh is unique and contagious.

6.) I took piano lessons for 7 years when I was young, but I can't even play a simple song with both hands now. My piano teacher, a concert pianist, was determined to make something of me, but in the end my lack of interest and ability prevailed. I should probably feel bad about that, but I don't. Not at all. Not even a smidgen. I do however, love music and I enjoy others abilities immensely.

7.) The first words I ever said to the man who became my husband were, "I love you."

Ok, so here goes. Anyone out there willing to play along? Consider yourself tagged! Let me know if you play along by leaving a comment.