Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bloomin' Tuesday

Welcome Bloomin' Tuesday Friends,

This week has been a whirlwind. We have just been atwitter with excitement. First, my #4 son got engaged to a wonderful girl a week ago. They plan on getting married in October, so mutha here, has been all agog with getting plans in motion! Yippeee! I love a challenge. I have the following things arranged as of today ... the reception venue in Colorado ... the caterer ... the photographer ... the wedding cake ... the florist (oh man, she's good!) ... and the venue for the family dinner the night before the wedding in Utah. Not bad for 7 days work! Bride and groom get to fiddle with all the details, but it is so great having the basics done.

You can imagine with all this planning how "weddings" have been on my mind. This week I've been reminiscing about the last three weddings of my children and thinking about the wonderful times we had at those weddings and receptions. With all that, do you know what started blooming in my garden this week! Yup, roses. Roses have always been a favorite of ours for past weddings, so it seemed appropriate they would begin to display themselves this last week. I made a slide show of all the roses in our yard. The last three photos are the bridal bouquets of my daughter and daughters-in-law. All chose roses for their bridal bouquets -- but each bouquet was very different and unique -- just like they are! Enjoy...

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