Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sew Excited !

As anyone knows that has been following this blog, I have been doing a great deal of sewing lately. Last week when Mark was working at home and I was sewing upstairs, he heard me exclaim rather loudly. My sewing machine has been acting up lately. There's nothing worse than sewing with a machine that has rampant mood changes. One minute it's going along just fine, the next minute it's in a knot ... literally. After one particularly loud exclamation, Mark came upstairs and made my world right again by saying, "Why don't you get a new one." I was speechless. I hadn't thought of that. Of course, the old gal is going on 36, so I guess it's time to throw her a party and let her enjoy retirement.

Today I picked up my new machine. I'm not sure I could love an inanimate object any more than I do my new Baby-Lock! My heart is singing! This little gal is compact and lightweight (only 12.5 pounds). My last machine had to be lifted with a crane; it was so heavy! I just can't wait to get started ...

Thanks for the gift, you great big hunk of a man you!