Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hey There, Cupcake !

The other day I was in a local fabric shop and came upon a pattern for a little girl's tote. This wasn't just any tote, it was a cupcake tote. I thought it was a cute idea and since I have occasion to make something for little girls (you know those adorable granddaughters I have...) I went ahead and bought the pattern with the intention of bringing it home and whipping up a dozen or so cupcakes. Unfortunately, when I stitched it up, I felt like the dimensions of the pattern were all wrong. Among other things the base of the "cupcake" was rectangular in shape and we all know that a cupcake slants upward. Well, at least the cupcakes I've eaten have angled upward ... and, honestly, I consider myself a bit of an expert.

So, I decided to change the recipe to my liking. I tweaked, and altered, and adjusted adding a little more sugar and spice and a little less flour. I topped it off with a generous dollop of frosting and crowned it with a cherry! Finally, it was a Cupcake I could be proud of...

So, tell me...
Do you think a little girl would find these good enough to eat?

The dimensions of this mini-tote are:
11" tall (including handle) x 8" wide at frosting - 4" wide at bottom x 3" deep